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  • A funeral home, funeral parlor or mortuary, is a business that provides burial and funeral services for the deceased and their families. These services may include a prepared wake and funeral, and the provision of a chapel for the funeral.
  • (Funeral Homes) A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions funeral parlors, funeral homes, casket makers, or funeral accouterments.
  • An establishment where the dead are prepared for burial or cremation
  • a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respects


  • Leamington (1853–1878) was a great Thoroughbred racehorse, best known as the most influential sire in the United States during the second half of the nineteenth century.
  • Leamington is a Southern Ontario municipality in Essex County, and has a population of 31,113. It is located near Point Pelee. It has a large H. J. Heinz Company factory and is known as the “Tomato Capital of Canada”, with 4 km² of this crop in the vicinity.


  • Reid (first name and details unknown) was an English cricketer who played for Kent.
  • A surname; A male given name transferred from the surname
  • Whitelaw (1837–1912), US journalist and diplomat. He was the owner and editor-in-chief of the New York Tribune 1872–1905 and the US minister to France 1889–92 and ambassador to England 1905–12
  • Scottish philosopher of common sense who opposed the ideas of David Hume (1710-1796)

reid funeral home leamington

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LEAMINGTON – Thomas McKnight Hand Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Silkscreen, Unframed
LEAMINGTON - Thomas McKnight Hand Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Silkscreen, Unframed
LEAMINGTON is a Hand Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Silkscreen by Thomas McKnight, one of the most successful artists in the United States. The worldwide appeal of Thomas McKnight places him in an elite group of contemporary artists whose work can be instantly recognizable as his own. McKnight’s work is represented in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York and Washington’s Smithsonian Institute. Add this vibrant piece of art to any room in your home and watch your wall come to life.

Leamington-Gurdwara Outside View

Leamington-Gurdwara Outside View
Leamington and Warwick Gurdwara Sahib a building of great quality.

Leamington vs Rocester

Leamington vs Rocester
Leamington taking a corner